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Are your pearls real?

The pearls we use in our jewellery are cultured in mussels or oysters and carefully selected by our team for quality. No imitation pearls will ever be allowed in our jewellery.

How do your pearls compare to other retailers?

All our pearls are personally selected by our buying experts to meet our standards of quality and value.

There is no one, universally accepted standard for grading pearls.

The most commonly used system involves the use of the letter "A", with the more "A's" a particular pearl is designated, the higher the grading.

American based dealrs use a system of 5 a's to designate the highest grade,whereas in the uk we use 3 "A" system, in which 3 "A's" designates the highest grade. The grading decisions made by companies are individual and subjective.

Our AA+ graded akoya pearls, for example, are more lustrous, have a better surface, and have a better color than another online seller's AAAA pearls. It is an unfortunate consequence of not having a standardised, universal system.

Does your jewellery come with a certificate?

We strive to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchases and delighted with the quality of our pearls and jewellery.

We do this by openly and fully describing the products on our website and providing a certificate of authenticity signed by our gemmologist.

Do you sell natural pearls?

We do not currently sell natural pearls online . Cultured pearls represent the majority of non-simulated pearls available today.

Due to their scarcity, natural pearls have appreciated in value substantially in recent years with most being sold via the antique jewellery trade. Unique and historically significant pieces are often bought and sold at specialist auctions.

Do you sell loose pearls?

Yes, we can help you buy loose pearls if you are interested in designing your own piece, have lost one of your own or if you simply want a keepsake piece. Please contact us for more information.

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