Sustainability Practices

For pearl oysters to thrive, they need nutrient-rich waters, high-quality shelter, and a thriving ecosystem. The production of high-quality cultured pearls depends on it. 



Protection of the Biosphere

We are committed to only working with farmers and suppliers who safeguard the habitats in which they operate. Who strive to conserve or in some instances restore biodiversity, ecosystem structure, and ecosystem services. In the event that our relationships abroad endanger the local environment, we will promptly and responsibly adjust them.

Sustainable use of Natural Resources

We will only partner with suppliers and farmers that responsibly use natural resources. Through efficient use and careful planning, we will make sustainable use of renewable natural resources and conserve non-renewable natural resources.

Production Transparency

It is our commitment to be transparent in the way we produce pearl jewellery, claim provenance, and in the marketing of our products.

In addition, our pearl farm partners only practice responsible harvesting methods, ensuring that only a small percentage of the mollusk population is harvested at a time and that the remaining mollusks are left to grow and reproduce.

Socially and Culturally Responsible Partners

It's important for pearl farmers to comply with local regulations and international standards for pearl farming, such as the Cultured Pearl standard of the Cultured Pearl Association of Japan, which sets guidelines for the sustainable production of pearls.

Only farmers and suppliers who operate responsibly with the local community and adhere to international sustainability standards will be partnered with us.

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