Loose Baroque Pearls

Imperfectly Perfect

Most cultured freshwater pearls are baroque due to them being mantle-tissue nucleated rather than bead nucleated. Cultured saltwater pearls can also be baroque but are usually more teardrop in shape because of spherical bead nucleation.

The duration of the culturing process increases the depth of nacre produced, and therefore the probability of a baroque pearl being produced.

Fit for a Queen

One attraction of baroque pearl jewellery is the price; but this hasn't always been the case. Baroque pearls were historically adorned by Queens and Emproresses, being frequently incorporated in royal regalia. In modern times, you don’t need a coronation to enjoy that special feeling that comes with wearing baroque pearls, you can afford to be spontaneous and spoil yourself or surprise your loved one when they least expect it.

Crown of Empress Farah Pahlavi, 105 pearls
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