Pearl Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries like the 30th, traditionally known as pearl anniversaries, deserve all the attention they can get. Your memories span over three decades, your kids are probably grown up and your relationship is solid. Having been married for thirty years is a major achievement, so a big celebration is definitely in order! Find out the best traditional anniversary gifts for her, plus best gifts for parents, top romantic anniversary ideas, and what the pearl milestone means.

The 30th Wedding Anniversary is symbolised by pearls

In many ways, the 30th anniversary symbolizes a long-lasting and ever-growing bond, a solid relationship shaped by experiences and perfected with time - like a pearl. Symbolizing everlasting love, purity, and grace, pearls (from white to black gems such as Tahitian Pearls) represent the 30th anniversary. The idea of love is strongly associated with pearls. In a gesture intended to show Marc Anthony her everlasting love, Cleopatra crushed a large pearl and drank it.

For the same reason, pearl jewelry is the perfect gift for this major milestone if you want to stick with tradition. You might also want to consider these ideas if you are searching for a present with a modern twist: