Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings surely must be included among the most essential items of any woman’s jewellery collection.

From the pure, simple form of the classic plain stud, to intricate designs combining pearls and gemstones, pearl earrings are a graceful and timeless item of adornment.

We offer a fabulous collection of pearl earrings to suit all tastes and budgets; from silver to 18ct gold.

Pearl Earrings

Functional, fun, or fabulous, whatever your style and taste, our choice our pearl earring collection is sure to delight you.

Here at Pearl Gallery we create pearl earrings using the finest Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea pearls ,so your choice of pearl earring options is wide with a diversity with colour, size and price options to suit everyone.

For everyday wear, pearl earrings in the form of a classic pair of simple Pearl Studs can simply never go wrong. We have a range of pearl stud earrings featuring all the pearl types mentioned above.

For nights out, dropper or dangling pearl earrings are great for that elegant, swinging motion on the ear that helps accentuate the length of the neck and look particularly fabulous when worn with the hair up.

The choice of South Sea or Tahitian pearl earrings, especially when combined with diamonds or other gemstones, makes a wonderful gift for a special occasion such as a pearl wedding anniversary. Alternatively, they are a real treat if you want to indulge yourself.

Freshwater pearls with their abundance of shapes, colours and sizes are a great choice for great value pearl earrings in either silver or gold mounts.

Akoya pearl earrings are probably the most likely to come to mind when thinking of the original classic pearl look.

Pearls are all about individuality, and just like us, they are singular organic creations with their own appearance and characters. At Pearl Gallery we love to help clients find the right pearl earrings to match to their own personality and style, but whether it’s pearl earrings or any other item of pearl jewellery ,we are all about expert guidance and personal service, either instore or on-line.

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