The Freshwater pearl is the most dynamic, diverse and versatile of all cultured pearls. They offer the largest range of sizes, shapes and colours with prices points at many levels and as such are within the reach of almost everyone. Once considered vastly inferior to pearls of sea water origin, through research, development and big improvements in quality, they have now come of age and offer tremendous value for money. We feature a very large range of freshwater pearls in every conceivable form and invite you to browse through our ranges.



We have a large selction of freshwater pearl bracelets, in various styles and designs, made with versatile materials to be cherished for ever.

White Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Foliate Bracelet | 18ct Gold

Priced: £745.00

Diamond: x.xx

Precious Metal: 18ct Gold

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White Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Foliate Bracelet|18ct Gold


Our freshwater pearl brooches come in various styles and price ranges, from antique inspired to contemporary designs. We use quality freshwater pearls, various types of gemstone and quality metals to produce our pieces in our in house workshop.

White Freshwater Pearl Flower Brooch | 18 ct Yellow Gold

White Freshwater Pearl Flower Brooch | 18 ct Yellow Gold

Priced: £2,115.00

Diamond: x.xx ct

Precious Metal : 18 ct Yellow Gold

This spectacular Freshwater Pearl Brooch is built on an intricate on an open framework 18 ct yellow gold flower design, mounted with brilliant cut diamonds with a AAA grade White freshwater pearl at the centre.

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Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings

We have a wide selection of freshwater pearl stud earrings, in various designs and styles. All pearls are closely matched and chosen for their quality and similarity. 

Freshwater Pear Shape Stud Earrings | Silver

White Freshwater
Pear Shape Stud Earrings


Colour-wise they come in a rainbow of pastels, from white and cream to pink and lavender, sometimes with rose, cream or ivory overtones. They are also available in many other colours such as black and grey by means of a treatment process.

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Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings

We have a huge selection of freshwater drop earrings from vintage to contemporary. All pearls are expertly matched based on their quality and likeness.

White Freshwater Pearl
Elongated Hook Earring | 9ct Gold

Starting at £225.00

Pearl Size:9.5-10mm

Precious metal: 9ct Yellow or White Gold

These stylish freshwater hook earrings are fast becoming one of our most popular designs. Set with 9.5-10mm drop shaped white freshwater pearls. The exaggerated hook makes for a simple, yet sophisticated look with day or evening attire. Available in either yellow or white 9ct gold.

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Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Our Freshwater pearls are non-nucleated, so they are pearl all the way through. Offering exceptional value compared to saltwater pearls, these necklaces make perfect gifts for other people, or just yourself!

White Freshwater Pearl Necklace

White Freshwater
Pearl Necklaces | AA Grade

Starting at £70.00

Pearl Sizes: 6.0-6.5mm, 7.0-7.5mm, 8.0-8.5mm & 9.0-9.5mm

Clasps: Silver, 9 & 18ct Options

Our AA grade Freshwater white pearls necklaces are of high quality, slightly off round with a bright lustre. Available from stock as 16" or 18" lengths, with each pearl individually hand knotted for safety on a Silver Gilt Clasp as standard.

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklaces

Break the mould with one of our Freshwater Baroque pearl necklaces. Each pearl, and therefore necklace, is entirely unique in shape and character. 

Multicolour Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklace | 18ct Gold

Priced:£2650.00 £1,995.00 SALE

Clasps: Silver, 9 & 18ct Gold options

A superb single row of Natural Multi-Coloured Baroque Freshwater Cultured pearls of 14-17mm. This lovely Pearls are of soft pastel shades and are hand-knotted to an approximate length of 17.5", on an 18ct yellow gold baroque shaped clasp.

Matching Earrings

Multi-colour Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklace|18ct Gold
White Freshwater Drop Pearl & Diamond Earrings

White Freshwater Baroque Spectacle Set Pearl Necklace | Silver

Priced: £399.00

This bold and refreshing contemporary design features very large Baroque Freshwater Cultured Pearls with low profiles, set in individually handmade frames and linked together to form this stunning necklace. Secured with a large Silver carabiner fastener. Each necklace is unique in its individuality as no two Pearls are ever exactly the same.

Freshwater Pearl Pendants

From simple to extravagant, our exclusive range of Freshwater pearl pendants has you covered. We offer the finest in choice and quality.  

Freshwater Biwa Diamond Pendant | 18ct Gold

White Freshwater Biwa
Pearl & Diamond Pendant | 18ct White Gold

Priced: TBC

Precious Metal: 18ct Gold

If you're looking to make a statement with your jewellery, this latest addition to our Freshwater collection speaks volumes.

Purple Freshwater Semi-Baroque Diamond Pendant | 18ct Yellow Gold

Priced: TBC

Precious Metal: 18ct Gold

This spectacular piece is truly unique. The intricate 18ct gold framework was delicately designed with expert precision. Set with brilliant cut diamonds and finished with a lustreous semi-baroque Freshwater pearl

Freshwater Semi-Baroque Diamond Pendant | 18ct Gold

Freshwater Pearl Rings

Browse our range of beautiful freshwater pearl rings. Our wide selection will not be beaten on quality or price. Being designed and made in our in-house workshop, we are able to alter to accommodate any size requirements.

White Freshwater Pearl Twist Ring | 9 ct Rose Gold

White Freshwater Pearl Twist Ring | 9 ct Rose Gold

Priced: £385.00

Precious Metal: 9ct Rose Gold

Ring Sizes: M, N and O for immediate dispatch - Other sizes may require 1-3 days processing time.

This stylish, modern take on the twist design features an exaggerated claw typesetting, which gives the pearl the appearance of hovering over the mount. The ring is securely set with a 7.5 / 8mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl.

Pearl Rings